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Instagram: @sick.lines

From the studio, to the skatepark and back around the mountain, Samuel Trafton Keena, @st.Keena, is known for his smooth style, kind soul and easy going personality. Whether it be through his various artistic mediums, his skill on a board or his ability to spread good vibes, he never disappoints his clients, fans or audiences.

Sammy spent his childhood on Florida beaches. He later moved to Michigan where he graduated from Grosse Pointe South High School and went on to attend Northern Michigan University as well as Gogebic Community College.

His talent on the slopes lead him on his journey as a “van life skier”. Though far from the desk, there was always a pen close by. A true love for tattoos, graffiti and sacred geometric patterns kept inspiration at hand.
Prior to his move back to Michigan, he had been devoting his time and energy as a Free Lance artist.

Now, Sammy has his creative footprint in many different industries across the country and world. Collaborations with ski brands such as Tall T productions, Deviation Works and Ninthward Official. As well as, designs for band Cover Art, Branding, and animation for cinematography.

Sammy is determined to evolve his artistic career into tattooing. He wishes to expand is knowledge of sacred patterns and challenge his hand into completing new artistic endeavors. He has been preparing physically, mentally and artistically under the guidance of his friend Casey Somsel who recently passed away (RIP).

Through what he believes as “Devine synchronization” he landed at Monaree Ink, studying under Lauren Chalbeck.
Lauren couldn’t be more thrilled with what Sammy has to offer: His progression, attitude and determination are assets to the shop and team.
Look out for Sammy and his wave.

Samuel Trafton Keena

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