The Process - Tattoos

The Process - Tattoos

Every studio is different, as is every artist. So here is what to expect if you want to get a tattoo!


First step, you as a client, get to describe, showcase, or simply express what you have conceptualized or found. This is also where, we as artists, fill in the gaps to assist the client in creativity. We go over anything and everything from placement, size, color, style, and answer any questions/concerns that may arise during the visit.  

While your artist may decide to mock-up a minimal sketch during this part of the process, no drawings are rendured during this step.

Client profile:

Once you and your artist have landed on a design idea, we get the following information from you to create your client profile in our system:

  • First/Last as it appears on ID
  • DOB
  • Phone: to receive appointment reminders
  • Email: to fill out consent form online (we still must scan ID when you come in for procedure)

Please note that we do not utilize/share any personal information for anything outside of required recordkeeping.

Want to bring support? PLEASE READ NEXT TWO SECTIONS

Your artist should ask, but just in case, please let your artist know if you would like someone to accompany you during your procedure.  


Although we never want to discourage clients bringing their "support systems", our studio has a strict occupancy limit of 16 persons.

During our heavier foot traffic times, should we hit/breach capacity, we have to ask individuals that are NOT undergoing procedure to step out (run a quick errand, grab a coffee, etc.) until we have returned to an acceptable capacity. We appreciate your understanding and support maintaining these perameters.

We value your time and ours! To insure the time our artists spend on your custom designs...

Deposits are mandatory for every artist. The fee is based off either your artist's minimum OR the size of the project being worked on (i.e., the hours booked).

All deposits are non-refundable and come out of the tattoo total the day of your appointment.

No call/no show, last minute cancellation will result in a forfeit of the deposit and a new deposit/portion of the cost of the overall tattoo will be required for rebooking (this will be based off of client appointment/cancellation history.

Cancellation Fee:

In addition to a new deposit being placed to reschedule after a no show/last minute cancellation, a cancellation fee of $100 must be processed prior to obtaining a new appointment.